Michigan Woman Shoots Man for Terrible Sex
In Michigan, not servicing your lady properly can get you shot. Just ask 58-years-old Sadie Bell who was recently convicted for shooting her boyfriend in the stomach because she felt his sexual performance was inadequate.
All Batman Does is Talk About Sex [Video, NSFW]
As a superhero people often forget there is a man underneath that mask and cape. Behind closed doors our superhero is a man just like everybody else, he worries about life in general, friends, bills, plans for the weekend, and the opposite sex.
Man Dies Trying To Have Sex With A Hornets Nest
A Swedish man died after he decided that he needed to make sweet sweet love to a Hornets nest on his farm.  There are plenty of nectar and honey jokes to be made, but let's focus on one thing first.
The Athletes Olympic Village Orientation Video Is Informational [Video]
I'm sure you've heard about the many hook ups that happen between athletes living in the Olympic Village during the Olympics.
Four years ago it was so public that the organizers included unlimited access to condoms, and other forms of protection to the athletes.
This year, the orientation vi…

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