Couples Argue In Bed More Than 150 Times A Year
You've always heard the marriage advice, "Don't go to bed angry" right?  Well it looks like a lot of us are not following that!
A new study shows that the average couple argues in bed around 167 times a year!  That's almost every other night!  Check out…
Safe Sex For Seniors [Video]
Everyone has to practice safe sex even grandpa and grandma. STD's in seniors have raised 71% and last thing grandpa should be worried about is catching Chlamydia.
Now go and get granny and grandpa and sit them down so they can understand what safe sex is. But I warn you. Even thought the elderly…
61 Percent Of Women Make Up Excuses To Avoid Sex, Here’s The Top 10
Guys, you need to face the facts . . . sometimes your lady friend just doesn't feel like having some relations with you.  Lucky for us though, most women are smart enough to make up an excuse instead of just telling us to get lost.
Here are the top 10 excuses according to a new survey from …
Jenna Shea Calls Out Lil Wayne For Not Paying For Sex (NSFW)[Audio]
Jenna Shea speaks out on Lil Wayne not paying her for sex. She says normally she wouldn't speak out on rappers but she wants her money. I was laughing so hard listening to this.
Nothing is more embarrassing then two porn starts spilling the truth about you. These two girls tell it all!
And they didn't…

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