In a search for the best hip hong songs for Halloween, it took some work to narrow down the already narrow list of hip hop songs -- but we did it. We pulled songs from the 80s, 90s and 00s -- there are classic songs, Michael Jackson's 'Thriller,' and a few favorite local artists as well, Dayton Family's 'What's On My Mind.' Find out who "kills them all" and takes the No. 1 spot of Halloween songs.

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    Dana Dane


    Kickin' off the list of Halloween songs is Dana Dane 'Nightmares' -- coming from the old school of '87 and the Slick Rick crew. Dana Dane visits his shrink for his reoccurring nightmares -- erie-echoing voices repeat "nightmares" throughout the chorus over a simplistic quintessential 80s style beat. If you didn't know any better you would believe Slick Rick himself was doing this song.

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    'I'm the Killer' (NSFW)

    Lifelong ft. Incident


    Coming off the original Scary Movie Soundtrack -- Lifelong ft. Incident is the theme of the killer. The lyrics 'Na na na na / I'm gonna slash and gash / Na na na na / Cut another hole in your a-- / Spill blood on the walls and play tennis with your balls / If the phone rings, don't answer the call' is the reason this makes the No. 9 spot on the top hip hop Halloween songs.

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    'Nightmare On My Street'

    DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince


    An ode to "Nightmare on Elm Street," DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince 'Nightmare On My Street' breaks down The Fresh Prince's own battle with Freddy Krueger. The story starts off on a Saturday evening when Smith, Jazzy Jeff, and Ready Rock C go on a triple date with three girls to see "Nightmare on Elm Street" and when Fresh Prince gets home he begins to have thoughts of Freddy killing him and his friends. At the end of the song, they make it sound as if Jazzy Jeff is dead and Freddy's voice says, "I'm your DJ now, Princey!"

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    'Monster' (NSFW)

    Kanye West


    Kanye West's 'Monster' sits in the No. 7 spot of Halloween songs -- knowing the song is not truly about monsters, it's more about Kanye and gang being "monsters" in the rap game. There is a creepy feel to song, as well Jay Z's verse spilling monsters, ghost and goblins. Don't miss when Nicki Minaj's verse -- she comes out swinging, saying, "she will eat your brains." Killer track helping West secure a spot on this list.

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    'Scary Movies' (NSFW)

    Bad Meets Evil


    Eminem & Royce da 5'9" created the group Bad Meets Evil where Royce covers the bad and Em covers the evil! 'Scary Movies' was originally released as a B-side to Bad Meets Evil's fist single and then was issued on the original Scary Movie Soundtrack. The start of the song features the line from Scream, "what's your favorite scary movie" which sets the tone for the song. This is Bad Meets Evil's first appearance on the top hip hop Halloween songs, they will however show up one more time.

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    Michael Jackson


    Of course we can't forget about Michael Jackson's 'Thriller,' you may think this should be higher on the list, but cracking the top five for Halloween songs is a fitting place for not being a "hip hop" song. 'Thriller' should always be on every top Halloween song list. We're not saying its not worthy of the No. 1 spot, just not on this top ten.

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    'Suicidal Thoughts' (NSFW

    Notorious B.I.G.


    Biggie makes this list with this dark song about suicide. The song starts out with the phone ringing and Biggie's boy picks up the phone -- his boy keeps asking whats wrong, if Biggie is alright. Throughout the song, Biggie raps about dying and his boy keeps asking if he's alright in the background. At 2:28 you hear a gun shot and Biggies boy yelling for him. This dark song brings the Notorious B.I.G. in at No. 4 for the top hip hop Halloween songs.

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    'Mind Playing Tricks on Me' (NSFW)

    Geto Boys


    The Geto Boys were known for their dark and murderous lyrics and 'Mind Playing Tricks on Me' is no exception. Scareface, Willie D and Bushwick Bill split the song into four versus of paranoia, hallucination and delusion. Bushwick's verse starts out 'This year Halloween fell on a weekend / Me and Geto Boys are trick-or-treatin / Robbin little kids for bags / Till an old man got behind our ass,' then goes into Bushwich and the Geto Boys fighting this man -- turns out that Bushwick was "trippin'" and comes to with bloody hands from punching the ground and it's not even close to Halloween. This erie song makes it to the No. 3 spot.

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    'What's On My Mind' (NSFW)

    Dayton Family


    Flint-town natives -- the Dayton Family -- clocks in at No. 2 best hip hop Halloween songs. A song based on nothing but murder -- the Dayton Family shows the world what the streets of Flint are really like. The last chorus; 'What’s on my mind? A motherf------ tooting spree / Bdrapa! / What’s on my mind? / A mother------ murder / Bdrapa!' tells exactly what's on their mind, including the gun sound effect.

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    'Bad Meets Evil' (NSFW)

    Eminem ft. Royce da 5'9"


    Topping the best hip hop Halloween songs is Eminem ft. Royce da 5'9" with the single 'Bad Meets Evil' -- and that's where the name of the "supergroup" came from. The intro to the song has a "cowboy" talking of two murdered souls and ends with "They say the ghosts of Bad and Evil still live in that tavern / And on a quiet night / You can still hear the footsteps of Slim Shady and Royce Da Five-Nine." Em and Royce battle back and forth discussing when bad meets evil. A perfect song to top out the best hip hop Halloween songs.