The Bay City Fireworks Festival is one of the biggest displays in Michigan, but this year the festival has officially been cancelled.

Organizers posted updates in mid May that the fireworks were not cancelled at that point, and that an update would be coming by June 1st. Unfortunately the update that came today was that the 2020 festival would not be happening. This is another huge blow to the local economy considering that the fireworks bring in tens of thousands of people each night.

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Doug Clark is the president of the Bay City Fireworks Festival, and he commented to Mlive about the decision.

We decided that it was better for us this year to just cancel the Bay City Fireworks festival as a whole. Unfortunately, we’re all obviously very saddened by that, we love this event this is a great event for the community

This is another situation where we are all upset that the annual festival won't be happening, but hopefully we all understand the bigger picture. There is no way to ensure the safety of the huge crowds that gather in Bay City every year for the fireworks.

The Coronavirus pandemic has forced so many summer festivals to cancel this year, that the news is almost becoming commonplace.

Bay City officials are looking toward next year, and are going to try and make it even bigger to make up for the cancellation this year. I know many people are not going to be happy with this decision. The Bay City Fireworks team will most likely take a beating online from angry patrons. Before you decide to criticize their decision online, please consider that these are people trying to do what's best for the overall health of their community. Nobody is gaining from businesses being closed down, and festivals being cancelled.


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