We've all heard people say something like, "If Trump wins I'm leaving the country!"  So here is a list of four places that Michigan residents could go if they wanted to avoid President Trump.


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If everyone followed through on their threats, the Canadian population would skyrocket after each election.  For Michiganders though, this threat would be much easier to carry out.  There are three bridges, a tunnel, and plenty of swimming lanes for us to get to our maple syrup loving neighbors.


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Centreville has the highest population of Amish folk in all of Michigan.  There's no better way to have the government ignore you, than to become Amish.  You don't pay as much in taxes, you don't contribute to big oil and gas companies, and you don't call your congressman to complain . . . mainly because you don't have a phone.

Sure it might be a drastic lifestyle change, but how dedicated are you to not being part of Trump's great America?


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Aside from the fact that you'll be on land that is governed by the Native American people, you'll also be in a casino.  Trump has shown that he's not too good with casino's this year (look at the Taj in Atlantic City).  Plus, most of the big decisions are made by the Native American people.  As long as your luck holds up on the penny slots, you could be living the easy life for the next four years.



Look at the facts here.  Most politicians in Washington have no idea that the Upper Peninsula even exists.  They think it's an island in Lake Superior, and probably belongs to Canada anyway.  This is the perfect escape for anyone wanting to live off the grid, without actually having to leave the grid.

There are plenty of other options for someone looking to escape a Trump presidency, a few of which are listed below.

  • Billy Bush's House
  • Any Inner City Neighborhood
  • The Trump Plaza in Atlantic City
  • Mars

The options are almost endless.

If you are a Trump supporter, and are offended by this article.  Maybe you're just looking at it wrong . . . I mean, this is basically a road map for all the undesirables to get out of the way, while Donald gets busy making America great again.