Michael Moore will be showing his 'Trumpland' documentary tonight (Monday November 7th) at The Whiting in Flint as a way to make sure residents are ready to vote.

Trumpland is a film that Moore put together to try and answer the question of why Donald Turmp is gaining so much popularity during this election.  Some people have assumed that Moore is actually trying to rally voters to Trump based on some of the clips of him speaking at the showing of Trumpland.


The fact is that Moore actually put together a very good piece that tries to explain how so many people can be lured into voting for Trump.

Moore used his own Twitter account to talk about the results of people actually viewing Trumpland.

Tonight, Moore will be on stage at the Whiting in Flint to show Trumpland, and talk to the crowd afterward.  Moore will not be alone, as he made the big announcement about his special guest on Twitter yesterday.

This is a free rally, but space will be limited.  Tickets are available at The Whiting box office, but are on a first come first serve basis.


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