400 Health care workers walked out of Henry Ford Health Systems to avoid taking a mandatory covid-19 vaccine. HFHS has stated that these employees can re-apply for their jobs only if they decide to comply with the new mandate.

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The workers who resigned make up only 1% of a 33,000 workforce at HFHS. The remaining workforce is 99% vaccinated with at least one or two doses taken.


HFHS confirmed that 1 % or 1900 workers were given medical or religious exemptions to the vaccination mandate.


HFHS is looking to host upcoming job fairs to offset worker loss and recruit from colleges and out of state.



This is how you make a heavy statement. I'm all for vaccines and getting people protected against this new virus. But when you force people to take something that they don't want to that's when things can get a bit unconstitutional if you will.

We have to take in mind that employers have their hands tied. The government is handing down serious fines to businesses with over 100 employees and health care workers that haven't been vaccinated yet. So don't come down on HFHS too hard, their hands are tied right now. On a positive note, looks like HFHS will be holding a huge job fair coming up soon! Looks like they'll need roughly 400 new employees.

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