A company called Zero Mass could be opening up in Flint and they aim to create clean water with air and solar panels. Dope! 

At this point, I don't care who moves in to help, come on down! Zero Mass is promising to deliver clean water to the city of Flint via their Hydropanels. So because I'm really dumb and I don't fully understand how these work I'll do my best to explain. In a nutshell, the panels will grab the condensation in the air and use magic to convert it to clean water. Yay!

Word has it that Mayor Karen Weaver is looking to lease land for the bottled water company and hopefully with it comes new jobs, and not just water.

Things are still up in the air but here are the details via MLive.com

Source: Mlive.com

A public relations representative for Zero Mass said the project with Flint is in the “very early stages," and more information couldn’t be provided.

A resolution by Mayor Karen Weaver to lease city land for the Zero Mass bottled water company was brought before council during an April 8 special affairs committee meeting and an April 17 finance committee meeting.

Weaver has recommended council approve Zero Mass’ request to start the bottled water company in Flint.

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