Not even American Idol is immune to the changes we're forced to make due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Idol announced at the end of July that they would be doing their biggest audition period since the start of the show, but it will be all virtual. For the first time, auditions will be held for all 50 states, and Washington DC. That means the talent pool should be a lot deeper this year.

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That's one positive thing we can look at through all of this I guess.

The Michigan audition happens on August 24th, and is open to anyone but you have to register first. You can register for the virtual American Idol auditions hereIf you do have plans of registering, you should do it pretty quick. As of right now, Michigan is still not full, but many of the other states audition segments have been filled.

The good news is that you can register for any state audition, even if you are not currently in that state. The normal Idol audition rules are still in place as well, so just a reminder that you have to be between 15 and 28 years old.

Michigan has had a decent run when it comes to Idol contestants. According to their wiki page, there have been 4 finalists from Michigan. That doesn't include the success that Genavieve Linkowski has had two times on the show. The page also says that Lakisha is from Maryland, but we all know she claims Flint.

If you have the pipes, get signed up today. That way if you win, we can all claim that we knew you before you were famous.


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