I'm trying to find it in me to feel bad for this 60 year-old man, but the comedian did give him plenty of warnings before spartan kicking him.

Yesterday I posted a video of a heckler getting KO'd by a comedian's security guard. Today while browsing the internet I found this gem, a 60 year-old man who couldn't keep his mouth shut getting spartan kicked by a comedian. Unlike yesterday's video, this comedian didn't need a security guard to take care of his dirty work. The comedian did give this heckler plenty of warnings before giving him a kick that this old man won't forget anytime soon. It doesn't matter if you 20 years old or 60, if you talk smack you deserve to get KO'd. This happened in Vegas, and definitely won't be staying in Vegas because it's gone viral now.

Side Note: What is with the old guys hat? Did he just grab chicken buckets and put it on his head?