Beecher achieved perfection this year on the basketball court, and capped things off with a state championship.

Would you be surprised if I told you that they did something even more impressive one week later?  Well, they did!  Check out Buc-Town did that was so dope.

In a 3 day time period the Beecher community planned a parade and a rally to celebrate the teams achievements.

3 DAYS!  And believe me when I say it wasn't just some thrown together thing either.  The entire community packed into the field house to honor the team.

The coolest thing though was how it turned into a Beecher community celebration.  An area that is the butt of many peoples jokes, pulled together and showed why they are still a community.

I personally want to thank Beecher for welcoming me into the celebration and salute to, not just the team, but to everyone that supports Buc-Town!

Beecher Championship Celebration