A couple of weeks ago former Detroit police officer, Stephen Hodo went missing. Unfortunately, a body was found this week on the west side of Detroit and is believed to be that missing ex-cop.

This is truly a very a bizarre story.

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In early July, we told about a gunman that opened fire on a house on Detroit's west side. The guy pulled up and fired at a house not once but twice in the same day. The entire thing was caught on camera, it was a crazy scene to say the least.

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The gunman ended up getting away in a stolen vehicle that belonged to former police officer Stephen Hodo. Yes, that very same man that's been missing the past couple of weeks. The guns that were used in that shooting also belonged to Hodo.

The shooter and Hodo just so happened to be neighbors. Like I said, very bizarre.

Hodo has not been seen since all of this happened.

After the incident two weeks ago, police searched Hodo's home and noticed that there had been some sort of a struggle, or at least it appeared that way.

According to Fox 2 Detroit, the police investigation of the shooter's house and Hodo's home led them to a park on Thursday where they found a body.

They're not saying for sure if the body is in fact Hodo but they say a lot of signs are leading them to believe that is.

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