Calvin Johnson aka 'Megatron' and Mathew Stafford are hoping to break a few more NFL records today as they wrap up the Lions regular season against the Bears.  They also teamed up to help redesign the 2012 Christmas Program at Kensington Church, but I'm not sure it went so well.

The one thing about this video is that we all get a quick understanding why these guys are in the NFL and not Hollywood.  The acting is almost as bad as the Lions have been this season, but the fact that the two biggest stars in Detroit are even doing it, speaks volumes about their character.

These guys have multimillion dollar endorsement deals, but they still find time to film a YouTube video for a local church.  Megatron is on the verge of setting three more NFL records today including becoming the only NFL receiver EVER to record 2,000 yards in a season.

I'll excuse some bad acting when these guys are involved!