Detroit Lions fans took out years of frustrations with ownership Sunday during a halftime ceremony for Calvin Johnson.

The ceremony was supposed to honor one of the best receivers in Lions history, but it turned into an all out "boo-fest". The boo's were not targeted at Johnson at all though, they were aimed at the owner, Sheila Ford Hamp. The crowd boo'd Ford so bad that most of what she was trying to say couldn't even be heard. On the flip side, when Johnson did finally get to talk, fans cheered as loud as they had at any point during the game.

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There are many things that Lions fans do not agree on, but one thing that unites us all is our disdain for the Ford ownership group. This fact was made obvious during the halftime ceremony to honor Calvin Johnson on Sunday.

The tone inside Ford Field changed dramatically once Calvin Johnson took the podium.

If you're not familiar with the feud between Johnson and the Lions owner group, it all boils down to less than $2M in bonus money. There have been quite a few attempts to mend the relationship, but Sunday is the closest that it has come . . . and we see what the fans had to say to the Ford family.

But Wait, There's More!

The Lions still had a game to play, and despite being winless, they played well enough to win. In fact, they really should have won the game had it not been for a blown call by the refs.

The Ravens were driving down to attempt a game winning field goal, when they let the play clock run down to zero. Instead of a delay of game penalty being called, the Ravens were able to get in position for a game winning field goal. You can watch the final plays below.

I guess the biggest question for Lions fans now is, when will the Lions pick up their first win.


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