Calvin Johnson was a guest on the Behind The Mask podcast, and his distaste for the Lions is still strong.

From the minute that the podcast starts, the bashing of the Lions begins. Takeo Spikes starts off with how other teams would look forward to playing the Lions. The Lions losing culture is starting to become one of the worst kept secrets in the NFL. Calvin Johnson did his best to help confirm the speculation.

As a Lions fan, I always am optimistic about the future. I continue to hope that they will be able to finally put all of the pieces together. The insights from Johnson don't help to keep anyone optimistic though about the Lions.

The most powerful words come from his work as a consultant with a few teams after he decided to retire.

When I would go work with other teams I would think, Whoa, this is how you're actually supposed to take care of your players. Damn, we don't have none of this in Detroit.

This hurts.

Calvin Johnson should be going down as one of the best wide receivers to every play the game. He should be at the top of nearly every statistical category, and he should have had more wins in his career. It sucks to know that it didn't happen because the organization didn't do things the right way.

Most of all, it's a tough pill to swallow that the Lions might never put it all together based on the stories from those on the inside.

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