Detroit Lions fans are forced to deal with the reality that Calvin Johnson "Megatron" will no longer be suiting up for the team.

After 9 years as the NFL's best receiver, Johnson has officially announced that he is retiring.  Most Lions fans were sent into remission, feeling the same emotions that overcame them when Barry Sanders retired.

The fact is, that like Sanders, Calvin Johnson gave every bit of himself to the Detroit Lions, and left nothing but his heart on the field.

There was never a time in Johnson's career in Detroit where Lions fans had to defend him on or off the field . . . how many other NFL players can say that?!

His stats are amazing, of course, but there's much more to Megatron than that.  He is as good of a human being as he was a football player.  Calvin represented Detroit as good as any Detroit sports legend ever has.


I can't lie about being sad that Calvin won't be on the field anymore, but I don't understand anyone that is angry about it.  People that are accusing him of walking away too early.  Not only are they wrong, they've probably never actually played a competitive sport in their life.

The injuries, and beating that Johnson played through every week would put most of us on the couch for good.

Now for the stats, and I'll be short because stats aren't the point of this.

These are just the blatantly impressive stats, there are so many measures of his football greatness that I could write a story just about that.  In fact, FOX Sports did, and you should check it out.

I won't rant on any longer about Calvin, I'll just say thank you.  Thank you for always giving Lions fans everything you had.  I hope we can do the same for you.

Don't forget to check out the short, but sincere sendoff that Megatron got from Barry Sanders on Twitter.

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