The Capitol Theatre in Flint has hosted its fair share of huge shows, but is in dire need of renovation if it ever hopes to see stars on the stage again.

The Capitol has been in a state of limbo for quite some time now, always seeming to be a couple of million away from being ready to open.

The building has seen some upgrades to the lobby, and first floor, but the final pieces have never come together.  Through years of discussion, and ownership changes, the historic piece of downtown Flint has remained unfinished.

That could change with a $5.5 Million dollar award from the state of Michigan to bring the Capitol to its former glory.

The money will be managed between the Flint Cultural Center Corporation and the Uptown Reinvestment Corp.  There will be many improvements to the entire building as well, and not just the theatre.

Some people involved think that the theatre and office space in the building could create nearly 80 new jobs in the area.  The Capitol is tentatively set to reopen sometime in the middle of 2017.