As Cedar Point is still unsure of when the park will open this year, they have announced that season passes for this year will be extended.

Cedar Point is definitely a favorite place for Michiganders to escape to in the summer. Unfortunately, with the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, it is still unknown as to when the park will be able to open for the 2020 season. On Tuesday, Cedar Point announced an update that is great news for 2020 season pass holders.

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All 2020 season passes, along with upgrades purchased, will be valid for not only when the 2020 season opens. They will also be valid for the 2021 season as well. Honestly, that is a very cool thing for them to do. I can only imagine how much money a place like that could lose in a single day, let alone possibly weeks.

Cedar Point is definitely on my bucket list once this is all over with. I could use some thrills for sure!


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