Mr. Big Shot Chauncey Billups shot down rumors that he would be joining the Pistons front office next season.

There were reports earlier this week that Chauncey was in talks to return to The D in a front office position. Billups has a storied history in Detroit, and fans were hopeful that maybe Chauncey could restore some of the former Pistons glory.

That's not going to be the case. Chauncey went on The Jump to talk about the rumors and pretty much closed the door.

The good news is that Billups didn't say that there was no chance of returning to Detroit, just that they have not spoken yet. He also had kind words for the job that SVG is doing with the team.

The facts are the facts though, the Pistons are bad. So bad that they have failed to secure a playoff spot again. So bad that fans are not willing to shell out the inflated ticket prices to see them at LCA. SO BAD that the big promotion for a Saturday night game against the rival Bulls is Hoopers Birthday. Seriously.

The Pistons are in a tough spot right now. They aren't bad enough to get a high lottery pick, and they aren't good enough to contend for the post season. They don't have a young superstar that can be the future, but they have a decent core of players. It makes the decisions for the future even more difficult. Do you blow up the team and start over, or pick a few key pieces and try to build around them?

The one thing we do know is that Billups won't be making any of those decisions.

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