The thought of Chauncey Billups working for the Cavs should turn every Piston's fans stomach, but it looks like that's exactly what is going to happen.

'Mr. Big Shot' made his name in Detroit, and many of those winning memories came at the expense of the Cavs.  Now it looks like Billups might become one of the major decision makers in Cleveland.

The rumors started flying when Dan Gilbert let his GM go, and eyes immediately turned toward Billups as a replacement.

The big question is, will Billups take the job if offered?  The Cavs are on the doorstep to being without Lebron again, and we all know what happened last time he left.


Billups has been a candidate for a lot of NBA front office jobs, but every Pistons fan in Michigan knows that going to Cleveland would be the worst.  This would rank up there with Rodman or Big Ben going to play for the Bulls.

In the end, Chauncey will do what's best for him and his family.  I just hope his family loves Atlanta.

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