City Councilman Eric Mays is being asked by the City of Flint to pay the court cost in his DUI case.  We don't think he will agree with their recommendation.  We he fight this too?

Mays racked up over $13k in court cost in his impaired driving case.  Special Prosecutor Michael Gildner wants Judge Nathaniel Perry to order Mays to pay his court fight.  Mays believes their hating on him.  However Gildner believes the councilman's "antics and long-windedness" warrants him fitting the bill according to MLive.

Mays believes the charges and the desire for him to pay the tab comes from political pressure from City Hall.

"They blew this thing up by asking for my resignation" after my arrest, Mays said Thursday, Aug. 14. "I'm defending myself, and I had the right to a jury trial."

Today, August 15th, Gildner could win this battle of court cost or Mays gets away again.  I want to hear from you, who should pay the $13k in court fees?


Councilman Mays has been sentenced to 72 days in jail by Judge Nathaniel Perry according to MLive.  Judge Nathaniel Perry said in court today,

"You want to make everybody the villain for what you have done," Perry told Mays. "That is a problem in the court's mind."

Mays has been transported to Lapeer County Jail to serve his time.