Many Michigan residents and small businesses are hurting because of the pandemic, so Consumers Energy is stepping up to help out.

Consumers made the pledge to help the residents and businesses hurting in Michigan today. The company announced in a press release that they were hoping to help 25,000 residents, and 1,000 small businesses with the $12 Million. The pandemic has left many residents without a steady income, and closed the doors of countless small businesses.

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This is some much needed help that Consumers is offering up. I know that the energy bill at my house was crazy high this summer with the long periods of hot weather we had. Now, with little to no fall weather, we are going to be sliding into winter. This means that everyone will be ramping up the amount of daily power usage to keep their homes and businesses warm.

Consumers talked about the reason they made the decision to pledge the money in their press release. Brian Rich is the Chief Customer Officer at Consumers, and he addressed the obvious need the pandemic has created.

We knew from the start this pandemic would create unimaginable challenges for many people and businesses. We’re talking about our neighbors, our friends and even our co-workers. We know we have an obligation to help our communities stay resilient through this time

If you are interested in getting help from Consumers with your bill, the easiest way to call 2-1-1. They have the information to connect you with the aid, but if you have a question specifically for Consumers, you can call them at 800-477-5050. If you are having trouble paying your bill, feel free to call the 800 number above to get access to help from Consumers.


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