People lined up outside of the newly licensed recreational marijuana shops in Michigan on Sunday.

Approximately one year after Michiganders voted to legalize recreational marijuana, the first public sales took place. The doors opened at the few licensed shops at 10am, and the video above shows the lines of people waiting to shop. Most of the 8 licensed recreational marijuana shops right now are in Ann Arbor, but there will be many more opening in the near future.

There have been communities overriding the statewide vote to legalize recreational marijuana, but those who are embracing it are being flooded with customers. People came in from outside of Michigan to take advantage of the stores opening.

There are only two businesses licensed for recreational marijuana sales in Gensee County right now, but it is expected that more will be coming soon. This is going to be a huge revenue boost for the state, and many of the communities that have stores.

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