Today is a big day for the Lapeer area with a proposal on the ballot today that could completely get rid of recreational marijuana for Lapeer county.

Whether you like cannabis or not you can't deny the crazy amount of tax revenue that a city could profit from, not to mention the mountain of lawsuits that could literally bankrupt the city if they decide to terminate recreational marijuana.  Too many businesses have invested time and money following the rules to sell cannabis legally, and if you snatch all that hard work away, the city will be setting itself up to get destroyed in court. 

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Cattane told Mid-Michigan NOW's Alexis Ware if this proposal were to pass, a lot of tax money could leave the city.


It has nothing to do with a person’s views on legalized marijuana, that’s not the question anymore, it’s about the law. We have legal businesses that are in compliance with all the rules and they’re going to be put out of business. they’re going to sue, they’re going to win and it’s going to cost the city an untold amount of money.

This is a blatant attack on small start-up businesses and caregivers from bigger corporations. If this thing passes your gonna see all your dispensaries dissolve because most of their product is labeled as recreational and is not as simple as converting to medical to conserve profits. The legal game in cannabis is pretty much a sh*t show. Why? Because no one knows what they're doing but they're making all the rules. People that have no experience in growing or selling cannabis are making huge decisions in politics that affect everyone.

So before you go out and vote today, roll up one, and think about it. These decisions more often than not, don't get reversed...

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