New Jersey dad Stuart Chaifetz was confused when reports that his Autistic son Akian, had become violent in his school.  In an effort to find out what exactly was going on he hid an audio recorder on his son and sent him to school.

Shockingly, he discovered that a teacher and a teacher’s aide were verbally abusing learning-disabled children at Horace Mann Elementary School in the town of Cherry Hill.

When Chaifetz listened to the tape, he was appalled by what he heard. “That night my life changed forever,” he said. “What I heard on that audio was so disgusting, so vile.”

Chaifetz heard staffers in Akian’s class, which is comprised of kids who have autism or other learning difficulties, talking about inappropriate subjects and insulting the children by calling them names like “bastard” and “‘tard.”

Caifetz immediately contacted the school district and uploaded a YouTube video which contains excerpts from the audio tape. Once reports of the abuse came to light, the school district dismissed all those responsible, claiming that “the individuals who are heard on the recording raising their voices and inappropriately addressing children no longer work in the district.”



Here is the original YouTube video uploaded by Stuart Chaifetz.