Michelle Booker Hicks stopped a would be carjacker from taking off with her kids in the backseat by shooting the guy in his face. 

My hero of the week goes to this brave woman for stepping up and defending her children. Now I don't have any kids but I can only imagine the amount of primal rage you can summon when it comes to defending your child from danger.

Michelle was at a gas station in Dallas, TX when a crazed man now identified as Ricky Wright hoped in the front seat of her car and tried to take off. Without hesitating Michelle hoped in the backseat with her two kids and told the nut case to stop. When he proceeded to ignore her she then reached in her front seat glove compartment, pulled out a gun, and shot him in the face. The car then veered of the road and crashed.

Ricky Luckily survived the gun shot to his face and is now facing some serious charges.  Shout out to Michelle for not being a victim, and doing what a mother should do to protect her own.

Source: Mlive.com

Booker-Hicks shot the man in the face causing him to drive the car off the road and crash. The suspect was arrested and identified as 36-year-old Ricky Wright. He will likely face charges for kidnapping and the unauthorized use of a motor vehicle or carjacking, according to Fox 4.

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