According to Mlive, Lyric Da Queen and her group Lyric 145 will headline a concert April 20 at local venue Encore. After performing nationwide and gaining major social media influence Lyric 145 was due for a visit and it could not be at a better time.

A midst a time of constant negativity, we finally have something to look forward to that is tangible. This concert which is being put together by Lyric's brother and an Encore executive is just what we need; WHY? Because once again we see that HARD WORK PAYS OFF!

Lyric Da Queen is showing us how to get to the money! Not the monetary term- but the overall aspect of being successful. The road to success is hard and its even harder for the music industry. However, through persistence and perseverance Lyric Da Queen has made her stamp on society and now she's spreading the love in her hometown.

Event Details are listed under our Events, in the meantime checkout Lyric 145's new single 'I Get It' and get ready for the homecoming of a city icon -- she deserves that title.

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