A once popular Michigan theme park is currently on the auction block, and let me tell you - the property comes with some pretty bizarre pieces. I am talking about a giant genie, a giant pumpkin, numerous buildings and more.

Deer Forest in Coloma, Michigan was open from 1949 until 2015. Back in the day, Deer Forest featured countless attractions - a theme park, petting zoo, deer, llama, a train station and more. Today, the 25 acre theme park looks much different. No working attractions, no people and of course no animals.

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That being said, there is potential to reopen, if the right buyer chooses to do so. Many buildings are still standing, yes they need work - but it is a start. There are countless statues and memoribilia still on the land. If whoever does buy Deer Acres, does not want to reopen - he or she is going to have a lot of house cleaning to do. As you will see in the picture gallery below, Deer Acres is full of stuff.

If you are not familiar with where Coloma, Michigan is - you are not alone. I had never heard of Coloma or Deer Acres until today. Coloma is located in Berrien County (west of Kalamazoo). This is your chance to own a piece of Michigan history (and a bunch of rare oddities).

According to Rick Levin & Associates, the property was previously valued at $3,200,000. The suggested opening bid for the auction is $450,000. Interested? If so, you had better act fast - the auction ends Thursday, October 14th. That's plenty of time for you to get close to $500 hundred thousand dollars together right?

Deer Forest Coloma, Michigan

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