The Illitch family is looking to bring a $650 million building complex to downtown Detroit to house the Red Wings and a new entertainment complex.

The announcement came Tuesday about plans for a “multi-purpose events center” with residential and commercial district somewhere Downtown. The exact location was not released. It's no secret that they have wanted to move the Wings from the Joe for a while now, but the added value of an entertainment complex makes it more appealing to the budget strapped city of Detroit.

Olympia Entertainment said in a release that the development hinges on passage of state legislation that allows for use of Downtown Development Authority funds.

The rumors include a shopping mall and even residential area inside the complex.  The exact location is unknown right now, but sources say that it will be located centrally in the downtown area.

This will add a much needed boost to Detroit's economy, something that our area could use.  If you could pick one business to bring to downtown Flint, what would it be?  A sports arena and team or maybe a casino?

Source: MLive