Antoine Martin lives on Detroit's West side, and has the difficult job of raising a teenage daughter.  When he found out that an older man was trying to set up a meeting with his 13 year old girl on Facebook, he took things into his own hands.

Martin suspected the man, who was a volunteer at the Boys & Girls Club in Detroit, of trying to lure his daughter into a meeting.  That's when he stepped in and set up a 'To Catch A Predator' style trap for the man.

Martin pretended to be his daughter online and told the man to come over to his house.  When the suspect showed up, Martin was waiting for him.  The Police were called, and the predator was turned over to the authorities.

Salute to Antoine Martin for being involved in his kids online lives, and having the sense to step in when he needed too.  Parenting is never getting easier, but with some routine check in's, a major tragedy can be avoided.

Also, shout out to Taryn Asher on the story!  Flint misses you!