A Detroit driver lost their mind on 6 Mile this week, and decided to smash into a parked van over and over again.

The police were never called, so we don't have an official report of what happened, but the video commentary gives us some clues.

A woman in the background can be heard saying that the driver of the van ran over the other drivers leg, and that probably is what caused this crazy scene.

I'm no detective, but another voice in the video offers up another possible motive in the case.  "These N$%$AS CRAZY!" is a simple, yet obvious possibility.  Whatever the cause of this ruckus, god bless the internet for being here so we can all share in the craziness.

**This Video Is NSFW**

If the video stops working on YouTube for some reason, check out the original Facebook video that was uploaded.


Only on 6 Mile nigga done lost his marbles playing crash dummy Loud'Gang Gino hype and Evette Cutts can't believe nobody didn't call the police Charles Evans Rick Damon #onlyintheD

Posted by Santana Turner on Tuesday, March 24, 2015