Car accidents can happen anywhere, but you will want to use extra caution when driving around these ten spots in Genesee County.

The Michigan Auto Law group compiled the accident data from 2017 and put together a list of the most dangerous places to drive. Below are the ten most dangerous places to drive in Genesee County.

10. Bush St @ Saginaw Rd in Grand Blanc

There were 29 total accidents at this location, 6 of them were injury accidents.

9. Owen Rd @ I-75 in Fenton

Getting on the expressway always carries a higher risk, plus they were doing construction in this area last year. There were 29 accidents, 9 of them were injury accidents.

8. Corunna Rd @ Linden Rd in Flint Township

Another intersection that has been dealing with construction that most likely lead to accidents. This is also one of the busiest intersections in Genesee County. There were 33 accidents, 8 of them were injury accidents.

7. Lapeer Rd @ State Rd in Davison Township

This is a busy intersection and with the expressway being right next to it, there are heavy traffic volumes during the day. Another factor is that Lapeer Rd is a route that many people take to get to Davison High School. There were 33 accidents, 13 of them were injury accidents.

6. Hill Rd @ Fenton Rd in Grand Blanc Township

Traffic backs up for miles on Hill every single day as people try to make their way to I-475 and most of it starts at Fenton Rd. There are also a ton of businesses at the intersection that can cause problems. There were 34 accidents, 8 of them were injury accidents.

5. I-475 @ Grand Traverse St in Flint

These two roads cross each other multiple times and not one of them is great. Anytime expressway traffic joins a surface street without stopping, there are bound to be problems. There were 35 accidents, 5 of them were injury accidents.

4. Miller Rd @ I-75 in Flint Township

Miller Rd and I-75?! Do I even need to write an explanation? If you've ever driven through here you know how frustrating and dangerous it can be. There were 41 accidents, 5 of them were injury accidents.

3. Chavez Dr @ Robert T Longway Blvd in Flint

I can't believe this is not number one. It is definitely the number one place where drivers cuss out other drivers though. The problem is that nobody knows what lane they should be in to turn on to Chavez, and eventually onto I-475. There were 41 accidents, 12 of them were injury accidents . . . or the drivers fought each other after the accidents.

2. Court St @ Center Rd in Burton

Have you ever tried to pull into that Speedway? You are literally putting your life on the line. Not to mention the people trying to navigate the screwed up Starbucks drive through there. Sometimes I'll just drive through the Courtland Center parking lot just because I know that there won't be any traffic there. There were 41 accidents, 15 of them were injury accidents.

1. Corunna Rd @ I-75 in Flint Township

Whoever designed this entrance ramp needs to be sat down and talked to. I don't know why anyone thought it would be OK to give drivers about 15 feet to accelerate to expressway speeds. There were 51 accidents, 11 of them were injury accidents.

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