Get ready to have a strong opinion on the Detroit teacher who was fired for breaking up an out of control fight between students.  Either you agree with her termination or are scratching your head wondering why she's not held as a hero.

There is video footage of the 'Motor City' teacher breaking up a fight between two students with a broom which led to her termination.

Two male students were involved in a tussle when the brave teacher intervene to prevent any injury.  From the video above, you'll see her hit one of the students in the back several times.

Finally, another students had to step in the break up the fight.

Seems legit right? No. The Pershining High School teacher was fired because she is requred to contact security when conflicts such as this one breaks out.  The teacher communication devices was working properly at the time of the fight.

The teacher was fired the and students were given only 10 days of suspension.