Dr. Bobby Mukkamala is known all around Genesee County as the lead Doctor for the area and he's issued a warning about the low vaccination rate in Flint and how that could lead to another covid-19 surge.

Dr. Mukkamala isn't just a regular doctor, he's also the president of the Michigan State Medical Society. So I would assume he's qualified enough to give advice. 

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"So the more that virus can divide the more likely it will mutate but when you have antibodies to that virus. You know let's say it ends up in my nose and I'm vaccinated it may replicate 10 times before my immune system sort of says you're out of here but in somebody that doesn't have any immunity, that hasn't been exposed, hasn't had an infected previously, hasn't had the vaccination that's going to replicate 1,000 times and there's 1,000 opportunities there for mutation," said Dr. Bobby Mukkamala.


Well, I didn't know viruses can be so horrible! These things can evolve quicker than we can keep up with them now. This is why vaccines are so important, they give us the edge we need to combat this virus and to keep people from becoming terribly sick.

In Michigan, 58.1% of those over age 12 have at least one dose. In Genesee County that drops to 51.7%. But just to the south in Oakland County 69% have at least one dose.


This is a wake-up call people. We do NOT wanna be known as the county that relapsed and had to issue another lockdown. We already have enough bad things floating around the city, and this is one we all can step in and try to fix.

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