It's nice to finally share a COVID-19 story that actually has a happy ending.

A 37-year-old Michigan man is alive today after being diagnosed with COVID-19. What makes his story so special is the fact that he survived despite having a double-lung transplant a couple of years ago.

As we're all aware at this point, the lungs are ground zero for COVID-19. This is why Paul DeWyse of Mount Pleasant was so scared when he got the news. He said he was more scared about this than he was the lung transplant because it's so unknown.

According to ABC12, he was one of the first coronavirus patients diagnosed in Michigan. About three weeks after testing positive, he fully recovered and his doctors believe his new lungs saved his life.

I have scarred lungs from something that I endured when I was a kid and that is why COVID-19 scares the hell out of me.

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