The Defiant Ones, the HBO documentary that tells the story of Dr. Dre, Jimmy Iovine and their amazing partnership, aired on Sunday (July 9), and the early reviews couldn't have been stronger.

Besides being treated to some thought-provoking commentary in the doc, viewers were also blessed with a new Dre song titled "Gunfiyah," where the Compton legend delivers some very sharp vocals.

"Now will there ever be a day that my n----- won't ride for me? Nah And will there ever be a day that your b---- won't slide with me, homie? Nah / And will it ever be a day that your hands ain't up when a n---- on stage? / I been rolling up haze in the studio for days just to work for a wage / Now I'm on, f---- paid in this motherf------ / Who got a hit just like this? / And got heart and rich like this?" he spits over a reggae tinged banger.

The last time we heard a full song from just Dre alone was on the 2015 LP Compton, so the new cut is definitely a nice surprise.

But if the documentary and song isn't enough to get you excited, maybe Dre producing another Eminem album will, which is something we recently reported on.

Aside from releasing new music,  the good doctor recently donated $10 million to Compton High School's Performing Arts Center, showing just how altruistic he is.

You can check out the new "Gunfiyah" traack below and watch part two of The Defiant Ones on Monday night (July 10) at 9:00 p.m. EST, where Dre and Ice Cube tell the real story of how the song "F--- Tha Police" was made.

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