When Draymond Green was running things in Saginaw, and then at Michigan State, I don't think anybody knew that he'd be rewriting the NBA record books.

Don't take that the wrong way, because he's always been a very good player, but never got the accolades that others did.  Now Draymond is laughing his way into the NBA record books after becoming the first player in NBA history to have such a remarkable season.  ESPN posted the record setting stat line on Facebook this week.

Those numbers by themselves shape up for a really good season, but to achieve all of them in the same season is really special.

Draymond has really found the perfect balance of chemistry, hard work, natural talent, and mental toughness.  He'll never go down as the "best player" on any team, but he is definitely the most valuable player on any team he is a part of.

In fact, this is the second time Draymond has set an NBA record with his well rounded play.


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