Poor parenting decisions with the schools has begun. A drunk Florida woman has been arrested for trying to pick up a kid from school. She was extremely reckless. 

Renata Congleton, 27 years old, registered a .413 on the Breathalyzer after she was arrested which if five times the legal limit. She showed up to a New Richery elementary school to pick an unnamed student but the school refused to release the student after noticing she was too turnt up.

When the school wouldn't release the student, Congleton left the building to head home. She ended up getting in an accident.  When police caught up with her, she started to attack the police.

The slizzard woman has been charged with child neglect, resisting arrest, and battery of an officer. It is safe to say this woman really need help. She could have killed herself, the child, and others for driving drunk.