When love is blind, you need someone to guide you.  A Florida woman was blinded by her love for her ex-boyfriend when she aggressively grabbed and held onto his genitals.  I know love can make you do some crazy things but this is way too over the top.  Ouch.

Laquavia Sharelle Wallace, age 22, visited her ex-boyfriend, Antonio Marquis Williams, Tampa home to pick up their daughter.  While talking with him, Wallace expressed her desire to get back together, romantically.  Williams declined her offer, bad move.

Wallace got so upset, she ended up grabbing Williams genitals and started pulling on them.  As you could possibly imagine, Williams was in tremendous pain.  The shocking part was Williams didn't file any charged against her.

Wallace was arrested by Manetee County Police and charged with misdemeanor battery and taken to the county jail.  Wallace needs to get a grip on life and not her ex-boyfriends genitals.  I don't think grabbing anyone like that will make them love you.  This is pure crazy

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via Complex