I don't know how I feeling about this Florida woman's poor attempt at disciplining her daughter after several failing grades that appeared on report card. Do you think this mother went too far?

Melany Joyce Alexander, the 36 year old Florida woman, was arrested for whooping her daughter with a leather belt with holes with metal divots according to Bossip. The whooping left several impression all over the middle school aged girl.

The West Hernando Middle School girl went to school the next day wearing a t-shirt saying she could not have any friends or boyfriends until she gets her grades up. School officials made the girl change tops and they called the police.

Alexander is currently locked up with bond. I am upset this punishment went this far. The lack of judgement on the mother could have caused more damage than could have intended. If you're daughter received all F's on her report card, where were you during the semester? Why wait to be a parent when she had already failed?