I guess safe sex isn't all that safe after a Florida woman attacked her boyfriends after he refused to have sex with her.  Let's just say I don't think this relationship will last long.

The victim told the police that his girlfriend came home with a female friend and were really drunk.  While the two friends became intimate with each, the boyfriend refused the advancements of his boo-thang. Wrong move homie, wrong move.

La Crystal King-Woolfork, 28 years old, of Vero Beach attacked her boyfriend and end up stabbing him in the eye and shoulder.  The victim was able to remove the weapon from his crazy girlfriend and hitch a ride to the hospital.

King-Woolfork was arrested and charged with attempted murder charges.  I really think there is something in the water in the state of Florida.  It seems like the most bizarre activities occur there.  While would you stab your boyfriend for refusing to have sex with you?  This is a reach but what ever happened to waiting until you're married?

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