The girls in this news interview are so blatantly honest about stealing money from a girl scout outside of a grocery store that it almost doesn't seem real.

It goes way further than them just admitting the crime, they are actually pissed that they had to give the money back.  The real kicker happens when the reporter asks if they have learned anything from this.

Instead of going into depth about these girls stupidity, I'll just point out some of the highlights.

Reasons Why They Stole The Money From The Girl Scout

  • "Cuz we needed money"
  • "We just wanted money"
  • "It was an easy way to get money"
  • "Who doesn't like money?"

Things They Were Going To Buy With Stolen Money

  • "For anything"
  • "Gas"
  • "Cigs"

Lessons Learned

  • "Not to get caught"
  • "Maybe not to steal"

Dumb Girls Steal From A Girl Scout

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