Now I've heard of digging for gold, but never have I heard of digging for booze.

According to WOOD, thieves stole an excavator a few blocks away from a Detroit liquor store, then proceeded to smash down a wall of the store and stole only a few bottles of booze.

The store is located in Detroit, Michigan, where the thieves used the excavator to smash a wall of the JR Party Store at 5:22 a.m. Sunday morning.

The company that owns the excavator wants to know how the crooks took the heavy machinery without a key but can't inspect the machine since its in police custody as evidence.

The store owner says the building suffered nearly $150,000 in structural damage and $75,000 worth of expensive scotch was destroyed by the machine breaking the wall.

The owner saw the whole incident go down via his security system that is hooked up to his phone but by the time he alerted police, the thieves made off with a few bottles of liquor before police could arrive.

The security footage is currently being withheld from the public since the whole crime was caught on camera including a good look at the crooks.

Police are currently investigating the case but feel its only a matter of time before they nab their suspects.


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