What would you do if you caught two older women claiming that your beach stuff belonged to them?  This guy filmed them, confronted them, then was attacked by them.

Seriously!  The women tried to play it off like they made a simple mistake, and the guy was willing to let it slide.  Instead of just walking away, the women decide to get an attitude with the guy about his camera.

Let's restate that . . . The women get pissed because HE DARED FILM THEM TRYING TO STEAL HIS BEACH STUFF!

How dare he?!

Things get a little heated at that point, and the "Judge Judy watching women", decide to rip the camera out of his hands.

(I don't know that they actually love Judge Judy, but I think it's probably a safe guess)

While we can all agree that stealing is never right, but this kid might be the exception.


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