A 19 year old Caro boy was arrested yesterday after he stole a FedEx truck and tried to break into several business.

The sheriff's investigators say Chrischundan Copes was arraigned, Wednesday.
Deputies say they got a 911 call after someone allegedly saw Copes trying to break into Jungle Jims Hydrophonic, in Almer Township, Monday night.  The FedEx truck, which was stolen in Caro, was parked outside.

Chrischundan Copes

I've never understood why people think that stealing a company car is ever a good idea.  Finding a huge cargo van with "FEDEX" on the side of it is probably an easy job, but when it's parked outside of a grow shop?  The job just got a lot easier.

Plus there's no need to steal those trucks, when Crazy Joe has one for sale right now!


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