The entire staff of a Journeys store in a New York mall decided that enough was enough when it came to their manager Jaime.  They banded together and quit, using one of the most epic resignation letters of all time.

Anyone who has worked in a mall knows that it's not the most glamorous job, and usually there is a manager or two that should NEVER manage anything. There are a few simple rules that every mall worker knows, and must abide by.

  • Never Open The Store Late!  It can result it big fines from the mall
  • Expect To Work Every Possible Hour During Back To School!  This is likely the only time that your store makes money.
  • Make Friends With Someone In The Food Court! This has nothing to do with the story, but is just sound advice.  There will no doubt be a day where you trade some of your stores merchandise for a weeks worth of free lunches.

We don't know how exactly this ended for Jaime or any of the employees, but it probably wasn't pretty.

While this was a very good way to quit, I don't think it has the drama that Joey built when he quit his job.  Watch what happened by clicking the pic below.