Remember Marina?  She's the girl who quit her job at Next Media by recording a dance video explaining that she didn't agree with the company's goal of getting video views.  Well after her video went viral, the company decided to respond and they did so brilliantly.

Before you watch the response video, you should probably catch up with the story of Marina.  Click on the picture below to watch her video, and get her side of the story.

Click To Catch Up On Marina's Story

Well her former bosses decided to take the opportunity to respond to Marina with a dance video of their own.  They pointed out some of the finer points of their workplace including:

  • They hire based on dance skills
  • They have a rooftop pool and sauna
  • Costumes are accepted

Finally, the bosses over at Next Media decided to let everyone know that they are hiring.  Well played . . . *Slow clap*