A surprising, "Not Guilty" decision was handed down in the drunk driving trial for Flint City Councilman, Eric Mays.

Mays was acquitted of driving drunk and marijuana possession stemming from an arrest in November.  Police had found Mays in a car facing the wrong direction on I-475 at 3am.  The car also had four flat tires.

Yes . . . all four tires were flat.

WJRT reports that the jury took about five hours to make their decision and they found him not guilty for three of four charges.  Mays was found not guilty on drunk driving, refusing to be finger printed and marijuana charges. Mays is guilty of being visibly impaired while driving, which is a lesser drunk driving offense.  On one charge - leaving the scene of the accident - the jury could not reach a decision.

Mays has said that he plans on appealing the one charge he was found guilty on, because if he got away with all of that other stuff, why wouldn't he.

Most people are shocked that Eric Mays is going to get away with this, are you?

ABC 12 – WJRT – Flint, MI

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