Warwick Hills in Grand Blanc, MI has seen the most elite golfers in the world.

The Buick Open will definitely remain in the history books in Grand Blanc, Michigan for decades to come. Warwick Hills Golf and Country Club played host to one of the best PGA golf tournaments in the United States for years.

Buick Open Invitational - 1958 through 1969

The first Buick Open Invitational took place at Warwick Hills in 1958 where Billy Casper became the first champion. The event was known as the Buick Open Invitational from 1958 through 1969.

No PGA Tour Events - 1970 through 1976

Between 1970 and 1976, pro golf events were not on the PGA Tour, but Flint Golf Club saw a series of pro-ams and other unofficial events.

Buick Open - 1977

When the Buick Open officially returned to the PGA tour, it was held at the Flint Elks Club in 1977, where Bobby Cole beat Fred Marti by one stroke to win the tournament.

Buick-Goodwrench Open - 1978 through 1980

In 1978, the Buick Open made its return to Warwick Hills Golf and Country Club and continued there until ending in 2009. In 1978, 1979, and 1980 it was known as the Buick-Goodwrench Open.

Buick Open - 1981 through 2009

From 1981, until the tournament was canceled in 2009, the Buick Open was a staple in the Grand Blanc and Mid-Michigan area for golfers and fans alike. The grounds at Warwick Hills welcomed professional golfers such as Tiger Woods, Vijay Singh, Fred Couples, Rocco Mediate, and more...and those were just the champions.

I missed the Buick Open! It was so much fun to go there and see all the pros take on the course. Thankfully, Warwicks Hills is now home to the Champions Tour with the Ally Challenge. The 2022 Ally Challenge will take place from August 22nd through August 28th, 2022.

Source: Wikipedia

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