You're sitting at work and you feel your phone vibrate in your pocket.  As you reach for it, you look up and see your phone sitting on the table.  You just experienced a phantom vibration.

The good news is that you are not alone, almost everyone has phantom vibrations.  New research on phantom vibrations was just released, here are some numbers.

1. Many, many people experience phantom vibrations.
Eighty nine percent of the participants in the study had felt phantom vibrations.

2. They happen pretty often.
The survey of undergrads and medical professionals agree: About 10% experience phantom vibrations every day. Eighty eight percent of the doctors, specifically, felt vibrations between a weekly and monthly basis.

3. If you use your phone more, you're more likely to feel phantom vibrations.
The study found that people who heard phantom rings roughly used twice as many minutes and sent five times as many texts as those who didn't.

4. They don't really bother anyone.
Ninety one percent of the kids in this new study said the vibrations bothered them "a little" to "not at all." Also, 93% of the hospital workers felt "slightly" to "not at all" bothered.

5. Working adults try to end the vibrations more often than undergrads.
More than 80% of the undergrads made no attempt to stop phantom vibrations. Almost two-thirds of hospital workers tried to get the vibrations to stop (and a majority of that set succeeded).

6. If you react strongly and emotionally to texts, you're more likely to experience phantom vibrations.
The study found that a strong emotional reaction predicted how bothersome one finds phantom vibrations.

7. Personality traits correlate with increased phantom vibrations.
Extroverts experience more phantom vibrations.